Bronchoscope A bronchoscopy is an endoscopic medical procedure for looking inside the airways (bronchi) and the lungs. It involves inserting a bronchoscope—a narrow tube that has a light and a camera on... Read more »


Health problem addressed Colonoscopes are used for the removal of foreign bodies, excision of tumors or colorectal polyps (polypectomy), and control of hemorrhage. Routine colonoscopy is important in diagnosing intestinal cancer, the... Read more »


A urinary catheter is a hollow, partially flexible tube that collects urine from the bladder and leads to a drainage bag. Urinary catheters come in many sizes and types. They can be... Read more »


Urine drainage bags collect urine. Your bag will attach to a catheter (tube) that is inside your bladder. You may have a catheter and urine drainage bag because you have urinary incontinence... Read more »


A suction catheter is a medical device used to extract bodily secretions, such as mucus or saliva from the upper airway. A suction catheter connects to a suction machine or collection canister.... Read more »


A nasogastric (NG) tube is a flexible tube of rubber or plastic that is passed through the nose, down through the esophagus, and into the stomach. It can be used to either... Read more »