BURN DEFINITION:- Injuries that result from direct contact or exposure to any thermal, chemical, electrical or radiation source are termed as burns. ETIOLOGY/RISK FACTORS:- Thermal Burn: Caused by exposure to or contact... Read more »


URTICARIA DEFINITION:- An oedema in upper dermis of skin due to increase production of histamine is known as Urticaria. CAUSES:- Some allergens like seafood Strawberries SIGN/SYMPTOMS:- Localized swelling Redness MEDICAL MANAGEMENT:- Antihistamine... Read more »


SKIN INFECTIONS DEFINITION:- Infection of skin due to bacteria, fungus, parasitic, microorganisms. CAUSES/RISK FACTORS:- Parasitic infection Fungal infection Bacterial infection Viral infection 1. PARASITIC INFECTIONS: Pediculosis: An infestation with lice which causes... Read more »


SKIN GRAFTING DEFINITION:- A portion of healthy skin cut from one area of the body and used to cover a part that has lost its skin, usually as a results of injury,... Read more »


RINGWORM (TINEA) DEFINITION:- It is a fungal dermatophyte infection of skin, the scalp or the nails. CAUSATIVE AGENT:- Dermatophyte Trichophyton Epidermophyton Contagious (it spread into skin contact with a person or animals)... Read more »


PSORIASIS DEFINITION:- A chronic skin disease in which scaly pink patches form on the elbows, knees, scalp and other parts of the body is known as psoriasis. CAUSES:- Current evidence supports an... Read more »


ECZEMA DEFINITION:- It is a higly pruritive chronic inflammatory skin disorder. It is a type of itching dermatosis which is characterized by Chronic pruritus Intracellular edema Inter-cellular edema. Read more »

Allergy (Contact Dermatitis)

Allergy (Contact Dermatitis) DEFINITION:- Hypersensitivity reaction to particular antigens (Foreign body) is called Allergy. Immediate Hypersensitivity Delayed Hypersensitivity Read more »


ACNE VULGARIS DEFINITION:- It is a common inflammatory disorder of sebaceous glands (increase secretion of sebum). These grease producing glands are under androgen control. It is due to obstruction and inflammation of... Read more »


ACNE ROSACEA DEFINITION:- It is a Chronic inflammatory eruption characterized by erythematous, pustular, papules of butterfly area of face (especially the nose). RISK FACTOR:- Age between 30-50 years Fair skinned people Intake... Read more »